Special conditions of sale - Domaine du Castex

Special conditions of sale of Camping / accommodation « Le Domaine du Castex »

Special conditions of cancellation and refund or credit in the context of the pandemic.

Special conditions of cancellation of stay by the customer due to the following reasons:

- participant being ill with Covid-19 during the week preceding the stay,

- in the event of lockdown of the region of domicile of customers or the department of Gers,

- in the event of border closures to foreigners,

- in the event of administrative closure of the campsite (by the Prefecture or other decision-maker),

- in the event of restriction of the movements of individuals (lockdown),

The customer will have the choice of:

* a total refund of the stay less an amount of 20 euros for cancellation costs,

* a postponement of stay, with payment of the difference according to the date chosen, according to availability,

* a credit for the total amount valid for 18 months.

These conditions are valid for stays during 2021 and until further notice, and only apply for the reasons listed above.

If certain events should be cancelled, or that you are simply worried or for any other reason, the general conditions of sale visible on our site and our reservation contracts apply as of right.